Homemade Organic Pickled Calamansi with Sour Plum

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Homemade and hand picked calamansi lime (known as Limau Kasturi) from our farm with a traditional recipe that could relieve cough and expel phlegm, relieve heat and sore throat too.

From picking the calamansi lime, cleaning under running water to remove all the dirt and debris on fruits, light cook to remove the bitter taste, then dry every each of the fruits, every step is carefully performed to create each perfect bottle of Homemade Organic Pickled Calamansi with Sour Plum.

If you’re a pickle lover, this tempting mouth watering, sweet and sour beverage might just suit your taste. It’s so refreshing that you can even drink it at any time and every time, whether hot or cold, it’s just simply fantastic. Enjoy! 🙂

Traditional flavoured
No water added during fermentation
No preservatives added
No artificial flavours
No artificial colours

Calamansi, Sour Plum, Brown Sugar

How to drink:
Use dry and clean spoon to take it. Each serving suggested to spoon out 1 pickled calamansi with sour plum + 20ml syrup and stir with 250ml water. Skin and sour plum can be eaten. Adjust the taste accordingly to the level that suit your taste bud. Serve it with hot or cold water.

Note: It is normal that you find seeds and fruits pulp in a jar.

Storage method:
Store it in a room temperature and away from direct sunlight.
The longer the fermentation the better.

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If you purchase this product you will earn 15 Reward Points! (equivalent to RM RM 0.08-RM 0.09)
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